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PS Adhesive Tapes
PS Adhesive Tapes are used in fans, LCD TV, central processing unit, electrical parts and laminated objects as suitable heat transferring medium. These are applied in the space available between cooling system and heat producing parts. Featured with double sided pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, these tapes have excellent bonding properties and various working temperature levels. High thermal properties, stable adhesive quality and reasonable price are their salient features.
Fabric based PS Adhesive Tapes
Cloth / Fabric based PS Adhesive Tapes use silicon based pressure sensitive single sided adhesive. These heat protected adhesive cotton tapes are made of standard grade cotton and these are required to safeguard motor windings, machine coil and transformer against leakage. These tapes are also used in shoe designing work. Long lasting adhesive quality, environment friendly nature and cost effectiveness are their main features.
Insulation Adhesive Tapes
Developed from standard grade black cotton, polyester and fiberglass, these Insulation Adhesive Tapes use pressure sensitive acrylic glue as their adhesive. Our industrial adhesive tapes are utilized for insulation of battery, transformer and various types of electrical appliances. These are convenient to apply and remove. These tapes do not leave any residue mark on applied surface after their elimination. Light in weight, these tapes are chemical protected and these possess high soldering properties.
Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
Eco-friendly Double Sided Filmic Adhesive Tapes are used as suitable bonding materials for plastic film, reflective film and LCD film. These tapes have extensive applications in industries like automobile, electronic apparatus manufacturing and so on. Pressure sensitive or hot melt type acrylic glue is used as their adhesive material. High bonding strength, dust proof surface quality, rapid adhesiveness and long lasting quality of glue are their main characteristics of these tapes.
Packing and Sealing Tapes
BOPP made single sided adhesive equipped Packing and Sealing Tapes use acrylic based water activated glue. These water proof tapes are used for carton packing purpose. High shearing strength, anti aging features, ability to endure heat and low temperature, good bonding strength, high impact resistance properties and exceptional mechanical strength are some of the unique attributes of these tapes. These can be accessed in different length and width options.
Duct Tapes
Developed from premium grade cotton with PE coating, Duct Tapes are preferred for high bonding properties of their adhesive. These are used as suitable reinforcement , sealing and joining medium in different industries. Good peeling strength, water proof surface, high temperature enduring capacity, tear proof formation, Eco friendly standard and high holding power are the main characteristics of these tapes.
HDPE Adhesive Tapes
HDPE Tapes are known for their exceptional mechanical properties, good shear strength, high adhesiveness and UV protected surface. Applied both manually and via machine, these tapes are totally low temperature proof. Good anti aging characteristics, high heat resistance capacity, waterproof formation, utilization of pressure sensitive adhesive and accessibility in different color options are their main features. These can be obtained at reasonable price range.
Cellophane Adhesive Tapes
Featured with single sided adhesion, the offered Cellophane Tapes are known for their exceptional tensile strength and good elongation properties. The provided tapes are used for carton sealing, wrapping of gift and strapping purposes. These use pressure sensitive or hot melt type silicon glue as their adhesive substance. Available in different thickness levels, the application of these tapes does not generate bubble on applied surface. Consistent glue quality is one of their main attributes.
Nylon Adhesive Tapes
The utilization of Nylon Adhesive Tapes can be noticed in various textile items, pet collars, climbing medium, belt and bags made of fabric. Known for their environment friendly attributes, these have been prepared by adopting jacquard technique. These tapes use latex based adhesive. Accessible in different length, width and thickness options, these tapes are easy to handle. Customers can obtain these tapes at competitive price range.
Rayon Adhesive Tapes
Known for their excellent tear resistant properties, the offered range of Rayon Tapes are used as suitable insulation materials for motor wiring, motor for cooler, relay transformer and telecommunication system. Long lasting glue quality, Eco friendly standard, cost effectiveness, easy application method, accessibility in different thickness levels and accessibility in different colors are some of their key features. These tapes are mold proof.
Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tapes
Available in silver color, the offered Aluminum Foil Tapes se acrylic based hot melt type glue as their adhesive material. Available without liner, these tapes adopt aluminum as their backing material. These tapes are used as suitable joining and sealing medium for air conditioner, air ventilation system and heating equipment. Good heat conduction properties, high bonding strength and environment quality are their main attributes.
Cotton Cloth Tapes
Buy Cotton Cloth Tapes available in different sizes and thickness. These tapes are known for long lasting adhesion along with strong bond and tough strength. It is mostly used for sealing and packaging different types of boxes, cartons, etc., in packaging industries.